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Why not both.

The one day pale Scots can be something of a badass

Here's to lots of candy and other fun, sweet adventures.
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[Locked to EST members]

Someone remind me why I agreed not just to do another series but one in the States?
Craziness that's what it is. Course when the last series involved an awesome trenchcoat and briliant blue box, that makes it something different too.

At least being here means I can visit the west coast clubs. SO many lovely people there too, some I need to catch up on, and with, as well.
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A whole weekend of sweaty men, balls and scoring.
That sounds a whole lot more exciting that it was. well it was exciting but just not the same way.

Futbol, all day Saturday. It was like I was at Uni during the fall. Not sure if that was good or excellent. We'll say excellent. Not that I wouldn't jump at more of the former either. The problem is the let down and crash.

Now I'm being lazy. But back to rehearsals tomorrow.
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Mun journal: arami
AIM: AramiVahagn
When you can be reached and preferred method: Email works best, or ping AramiVahagn if you see me on-line. Please feel free to contact me by email at any time.
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